Fog Land Pinot Noir

Club W says of this wine, “Fog Land is classic Sonoma Pinot. It has an abundance of juicy red fruits, while still maintaining the subtleties that reflect the terroir of this area. To us, Fog Land tastes like cherry lollipops. It’s silky and polished but full of texture, and it certainly drinks like a much more expensive Pinot.”

Fog Land
photo from Club W website

Pinot Noir is the easiest drinking red wine in the world and it is often what I serve those folks that say, “But I don’t like red wine.”  It is typically very unassuming and smooth and lacks some of the big, bold flavors that may scare some newbie winos away.  In addition, Pinot Noir is usually easily paired with most foods from bar-b-que to bolognese yet can hold its own well as a pre-meal sipper.

I picked it because I love Pinot Noir, so I assumed it would be an “easy A” in an otherwise risky delivery of $13 single varietals.  Plus, look at the cool label!!  It looks like a spidery ink blot.  Like you were writing with a quill pen and spilled the ink on the pure white parchment.  And the name perfectly matches the label art, as if you are looking at a dark gnarled tree through the fog.  Appropriate that it was slightly overcast when I took the picture!


This Fog Land Pinot Noir checked all the boxed I deem necessary for an approachable red wine.  Smells a little like tart cherry jam initially with some smokey undertones.  Color was pretty typical for a Pinot…not too deep, more ruby than garnet.  Lightly sweet fruit up front followed by soft, smooth clove and cedar on the finish.  Should be served slightly cooler than room temperature.

This wine is perfect for Fall nights, sweatpants, and days where you really don’t want to get dressed and face the world.

Wine gif

This wine will still love you, no matter what you do on Saturday night…even if you stay home and do nothing more that put your hair up in a ponytail and binge watch rom-com on Netflix with an entire pizza.  And even though it is only $13 a bottle, this wine will never feel like a cheap date.

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