Meraki Cabernet Sauvignon

According to the Club W information that comes with the wine, “To achieve the ideal balance in Meraki, our wine team hand-picked and blended two different lots of Cabernet Sauvignon: one full-bodied and savory and the other fruit-forward. The wine fermented in stainless steel tanks and saw 30 percent new American oak for added structure and complexity. On the nose, you’ll smell tobacco, leather, and spice (results of the oak aging), as well as fruity notes of strawberry and plum. Soft tannins and a silky mouthfeel make Meraki a great food wine, so drink it with classic Cabernet pairings like heavier red meats and pasta.”

This one I bought for the name.  Meraki.  A Greek word meaning “the love and soul you put into your work.” Cool!  And, I’m going to Greece this summer so I am all about Greek stuff right now!


And I love Cabernet so all  in all, this wine hit a bunch of Busch League notes for me!  This wine is bio-dynamically produced so there is more sediment than traditionally produced wines, but I knew that from reading the info card, so I was prepared for it.  If you are not, it could be a turn off to see that much sediment, all it takes is a steady hand while poring and you’ll be fine!


My first impressions: Good plum color.  I could not figure out what the aroma reminded me of, but then it hit me…SweetTart candy. Fortunately it mellows to leather a bit with breathing.

Taste wise, a very similar situation.  A bit of tartness on the first sip, but mellows to soft fruit in the glass.

So far the best biodynamic wine I’ve had.  Organic and biodynamic wines are a growing market and I hope they continue to improve!

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