April Box – Coming Soon!!

I got notification from Club W that my April box has shipped!!!  And its Friday, so overall…a pretty good day!  I ordered 4 bottles again this month, and I was right last month, I was finished with the 4 bottles of March about a week ago.  I’m not sure if I should up my order to 5 bottles a month, or take a hard look at my alcohol consumption!!

Here is what I am getting this month:

Photo from Club W website

I am still in search of a good summer time white so this is what I am trying this month.  Club W says, “Passarola bears striking similarities to the Vinho Verde style of wine that’s risen dramatically in popularity over the last five years — bright, fresh, not too dry, and perfect for any occasion.”  I grill a lot of seafood during the summer and I would love to find a wine to pair with that s here’s hoping this is it!  Next up:

Funk Zone
Photo from Club W

Another summer hopeful, Funk Zone Rose.  And LOOK at that label!!  Perfect!  Club W says, “A funky-fresh blend displaying bounding aromas of citrus peel, strawberry, and cranberry.”  I am hoping that the cranberry tartness keeps it from being too sweet, but we will have to wait and see.  This is another good one to pair with seafood, looking at you grilled shrimp!  Now, on to the reds:

L'Atelier Du Sud
Photo from Club W

It was really Club W’s description that got me on this one…”Scents of plum, blackberry, fig, bacon fat, wet earth.”  WHAT?? BACON FAT???  Okay, let’s give that a try.  Maybe with Barbecue??  Keep that pork theme going!  And finally:

Super Cluster
Photo from Club W

Supercluster Cabernet Franc.  I’m kind of a closet geek so the sciency name/picture were hits for me.  Then I read that this wine is produced through “Carbonic Maceration.”  My inside science geek melted.  Club W says, “Fresh, fun, and light on the tannins, this is a wine for you Merlot and Syrah drinkers.” Well, I typically don’t like Merlot, but I do like Syrah so we will give it a shot!

So that’s what we have to look forward to!!  Pretty excited for this month!








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