Bright Cellars Wine Club May 2016


Because one wine club wasn’t enough, I decided to join Bright Cellars wine club as well…surely those Harvard grads will be able to pick wines that match my palate, right? If they knew me, they would realize that, short of Boone’s Farm, my “palate” can put up with a lot! However, in lieu of traveling to every person that joins, or going through my recycling (at which point they might mistake me for The Osbornes) they have created an “algorithm” which is the Latin word for “witchcraft.” This quiz asks you a series of questions about which candy bars or chips you like best and based on your answers, matches you with your starter shipment. After your first shipment, you tell them what you liked and what you didn’t and they refine your shipments.

So I told them that I really like dark chocolate and buttered popcorn and fine dinners and mostly reds but I’d be happy to try some fun whites and they matched me with three reds and two whites for my introductory shipment.

First, let’s talk packaging: each bottle comes indivually wrapped in this teal tissue paper held closed with a sticker that has a “wine quip” on it. I can only assume that there are four different stickers. I got five bottles in my first shipment but only four unique stickers. These are a super cute touch! So far, so good. Now onto what’s inside the tissue…

My first box was three reds and two whites. The reds were a cabernet, a tempranillo, and a blend. First up: the cabernet.

Kon Tiki Cabernet. Now I like my Cabs big and dry, with lots of black cherry, vanilla and spice. This one was not that. This one was light to medium bodied, with notes of blackberry. Also a hint of that part of the strawberry up at the top, the white part close to the stem, you know what I mean??

Kon-Tiki is the name of the Incan sun god, and also the name of the raft that some guy used to try and prove travel from South America to the Polynesian Islands was possible well before Columbus. So I think that the drawing on the front is a nod to that crazy, yet successful, journey.

All in all, while this wine had nothing really bad to say, it also had nothing really good to say. When I logged on to Bright Cellars, I did not ask for more like this.

Next was the Tempranillo.  This is easily one of my favorite grapes so I was expecting this to be a home run, and…it was close.

This Spanish red was super yummy. It has a soft and velvety mouth feel. Dry but with good fruit flavors. A very food friendly wine, but easy drinking enough to sip alone.

Now let’s talk about that label!! How “Spanish flamenco dancer” does that label look!! I am planning a trip to Barcelona and Madrid for next summer so I am super in love with all the Spanish influence and since I really like Tempranillo anyway, this one was a good match for me.

Finally, the blend. I love love love the label. That the “Pick yourself up by your bootstraps” vibe since, let’s be honest, that’s what wine is for right!?!

The wine itself is a little harsh at first and it needs at least 15 minutes to breathe (no judgement, sometimes I need that too!) but once it does, you will be rewarded with some lovely cherry vanilla notes. Also, staying with the “bootstrap” theme, this wine would pair well with smokey foods like BBQ.

So those are my reds from Bright Cellars wine club. Let me know if you want a link…I get free wine if you sign up with my link!!!! I know you totally want to help so I’ll be expecting your notification!!


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