Passarola Vinho Branco

Not too bad as a picnic white. A bit sweet for my normal taste, but refreshing and went fine with Chinese food

I also really like the simple artwork on the label. Very Egyptian…or very Raiders of the Lost Ark, I can’t decide which one yet! Maybe Stargate?

The color in the glass is more golden than its cousin, Vinho Verde, and the taste reflects a bit more pear and warm pineapple upside down cake as well. I really like Vinho Verde for easy summer sipping at outdoor concerts and such. The slight effervescence makes it perfect for hot, humid nights. This Vinho Branco is a bit less “summer concert series” and a bit more outdoor patio sit down dinner.

It’s not gonna hold up to a super fancy dinner, no matter what season it is. But if you are looking for an easy drinking wine with your fresh seafood dinner, sitting on the dock, watching other people’s yachts go by… This one will certainly fill the bill.

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