Lost Angel Pinot Noir

Well since my Club W delivery won’t get to me until Monday and I certainly can’t be expected to go through the weekend without wine, I stopped and picked up a couple of bottles at the store. Not too many choices based on label or name but I did find this Lost Angel Pinot Noir.  The hipster label is pretty, and the name called to me but the selling point was the tag line on the back of the bottle, “Naughty wines for naughty times.”

Well, I wasn’t planning on having a naughty time, but it would be good to have a wine at the ready should such an occasion arise.

There is a really nice bouquet upon first opening the bottle, dark fruit and baking spices. Pouring the first glass I was surprised at how light it was, only a shade or two darker than a rosé.

My first sip was full of tart fruit and minerals. It did not have the soft mouthfeel I like in Pinot Noir and the finish was a little harsh for me. It was not a bad wine for the price point, but I don’t think that it will be my “go to” for naughty times!

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