Loves Me Not

Loves Me Not Malvasia Bianca.  The first of my Club W March wine box and the only white.  The label is super pretty, gorgeous colors, pretty flowers.

He Loves Me Not


But look at that name…Loves Me NOT!  And are those thorns on the stems?  Yeah, this is the wine you drown your sorrows in when he doesn’t propose on Valentine’s Day.

This is the wine for Elle Woods at this moment with its sugary sweetness and aromas of honeyed things…honeysuckle, honeydew, etc.  It has a bit of those peach gummy candy ring things to it also.


It has a screw cap, so no worries about being so distraught that you can’t figure out a corkscrew

And with its higher than average alcohol content, its also perfect for the helping you plot your revenge.  All of your ideas will sound brilliant!


So, if you are fresh out of your relationship and looking to go on a bender yet stay classy, this bottle is perfect for you.

For me, it was a bit too sweet, but I am generally not a fan of sweet wines at all, I was just looking for a couple of good summer whites that I could keep in the fridge for pool parties and tailgating…I live in the South after all!

If you are a fan of Muscato wines, you will probably enjoy this very much.  Although it is a bit drier than a true Muscato, so if you are just looking for dessert wines, this is not it.  I found it pairs best with salty or spicy foods, something that cuts through the sweetness without totally overpowering the almost delicate flavor.



The wine is not quite as pale as Club W’s photo at the top, and not quite as honey colored as mine directly above.  It’s somewhere in between.  It is not a heavy, leggy wine at all.  It had a decent weight on the palate, but would benefit from bold food flavors to temper the sweetness.

So, if what you need is to wallow in man hating sadness for a while, binge watch Legally Blonde, order Thai takeout and guzzle wine with your besties, this $13 bottle will not disappoint.  It’s not going to be my go to summer sipper, but it certainly could be yours!


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