Copycat Temparillo.

Blueberry and cocoa on the nose originally mellow to smoke and licorice. First taste immediately on open was a little sharp but only needed 5 minutes or so of breathing to become mellow and smooth on the finish.

A medium bodied plum and licorice palate, with only a slightly dry finish.

And this label!! Could you just die!! Now I know it’s a clever play on a California wine dressing up and pretending to be a Spanish Temparillo, but really!! If you’ve ever seen a little girl in her mommy’s heels and purse…that’s this wine! 
It’s not quite on par with the beauties of Spain quite yet, but that hint is there, you can tell that it could grow into those heels and walk the runway like a champ.

The back of the bottle seems to recognize this fact and poke some light-hearted fun right at itself.  Like the winemakers know that its only pretending to be a big grown up wine, but really just an adorable youngling with so much potential.  This made me love this wine even more!  This was another of my March Club W selections and so far, my favorite!  I would feel comfortable serving this to company without hesitation! At $13 a bottle, you won’t even get mad when they drink it all!!

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