Love Noir

The label is beautiful, I adore the scroll work!

I am trying to find a good rose after living through the hell of white zinfandel in the 80’s and 90’s.  The French are producing some fabulous ones so I am hoping that the US jumps on the band wagon and starts popping out some pink wine that is not cotton candy sweet!  I am, at heart, a red wine drinker but I would love to fine a wine that is cool and refreshing for a summer in the South!


The color on this wine is beautiful.  The aromas made me a little nervous, candy and cookies…ugh, sweet wine.  But the flavors were more like melon towards the rind where it is not super sweet.  It is fruity, yes. But not super sweet like I expected from the aroma.

It is certainly pleasant and I could see it being a go to summer substitute for red when the temperature here in the South gets stupid hot!  at under $13 it is well worth it…and pretty!

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